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Welcome to the cave, here you gonna find four places
The jail: it's here where you can buy slaves to play and also hire hangmen and guards to protect and control your slaves
The outlet: here u can find everything to dress your slaves, remember they're women... they gonna fight harder and better if they're happy ( be sure to buy and equip the most fitted to the game)
The mirror: you can make your gals up and also your guards if u want it
The garage: buy every kind of vehicles  and set it up if u want to raise with the victory
Gunsmith: if u want to fight with stones and sticks against a well equiped army... it's up to you to equip your gals with the best kind of weapons if u want to survive


Inside the jail u gonna find different kinds of slaves:
Leaders: they can upgrade the total attack of their party (five girls in the battle ground)and only them can fight an enemy guard. they wear  a different color of uniform each one and have special habilities 
Drivers: they can deal with any kind of vehicle as they gain experience from 0 to 10 then they can fly planes or even spaceships. they wear a pretty blue uniform but they do their best if u buy the correct clothes for them 
Gunners:be sure to equip them with ranged weapons from the sling to the bazooka if  u want them to face your enemy's slaves they feel so scared when a guard comes to face them. they wear the most popular orange jumpsuit
Pickpockets: they're nothing but punks, they can steal and set traps against your enemy but don't let them unprotected. their dress is striped with black and white stripes and they can be turned against you by an enemy leader or a guard
Goofs: they are something like clowns and wear an orange/white jumpsuit they can be sacrificed to save your mos important slaves
Professionals: they can be snipers, mechanics,lawyers, doctors or even witches, and they use their own colors, they're so expensive, so be sure to equip and use them correctly if u want to save your hard earned money